Why Choose Full Synthetic Engine Oil?

Motor manufactures very high quality fully synthetic motor oils that can improve the desired properties compared to mineral oils. At the same time, performance-reducing properties of the lubricant can be removed.

The performance of Motor Fully Synthetic Motor Oils is very high because of their well-defined molecular structure and hence their properties. However, the highest quality and most refined mineral oil is always the result of a naturally occurring molecular structure.

Synthetic molecular structure customization provides easy benefits. Low friction, good cold pumpability, no impurities, high temperature stability and low volatility are just a small scratch to the features that make Motor fully synthetic engine oils safe for all conditions.

Choose the best synthetic oil when you want the best oil for your car, whether you are driving on the track or on the highway.

Why would you choose mineral-based or semi-synthetic engine oil?

The best synthetic silica mp oils have been manufactured to achieve almost full synthetic properties, but at a lower price. This oil is a sensible choice for a basic motorbike, both on-road and off-road.

The semisynthetic Formula 4T is again a great price / quality base oil for basic wheels. The mineral oil content (Remember: high quality base oil) is high in Formula. Remember that a good quality semi-synthetic can lubricate better than a lower quality full-synthetic oil.

What about mineral oil?

Mineral oil such as Motor Legend 4T is intended for large cubic motorcycles with individually lubricated gearboxes. For this reason, it is not suitable for motors with a wet clutch (the majority of japs ​​bicycles). The legendary thick oil film effectively protects a large engine.

Synthetic vs. Mineral

There is a lot of discussion on oil differences in online forums. Here you can read the writings that tell the synthetic oil to spoil the seals, damage the clutch or leak out of the exhaust pipe. Such concerns do not apply to modern high-quality synthetic oils. However, if you want to steer clear of them, However, the low content of synthetic oil is sufficient to improve many other properties over mineral oil alone.

Car oil for motorcycle?

The motorcycle engine differs from the car engine in several ways. By the way, liter capacity is quite different and this places heavy demands on lubricants. In addition, the motorcycle lubricant also lubricates the gearbox. There, the oil must survive the high shear forces and loads caused by the gear wheel lubrication. Often there is a clutch in the gearbox where the engine oil must not impair the function of the wet clutch. Motorcycle lubricants are designed with these considerations in mind.

What about the wet clutch additive?

In fact, automotive engine oils use additives that reduce friction to improve fuel economy. These additives are poisonous to motorcycle wet clutches. Of course, only additives that do not compromise the function of the wet clutch are selected for MP oils. The JASO standard in high quality MP oils also tests the suitability of the oil for a wet clutch

I don't know what oil has been used in the machine before but it's bad

The oil sludge and deposits deposited on the engine start moving and circulate with the oil. The moss may slowly block the filter and / or accumulate on the clutch plates. For this reason, we recommend halving the oil change interval in such a case. This will help you to clean the engine and lubricate it in the future.