Beyond Technology: Thanksgiving Edition

Turkey cooking the geeky way, a tip about Windows 10 Tips, and default passwords on nukes.

Happy Thanksgiving! This week I’m thankful that even though the password on nukes was 00000000 for about 20 years, nobody fired one. US Strategic Command decided they didn’t like Kennedy’s executive order to password the nukes, and since he didn’t specify it couldn’t be all zeros… Well, they set it to all zeros. 🤷‍♂️

That’s just an interesting non-sequitur, it doesn’t have anything to do with anything. You’re welcome.

In happier news, this week’s newsletter is a little brief because I’m busy working on some new projects. I did find time to write a tip about Windows Tips and the best way to cook a turkey. Follow the links to see the articles.

Spatchcock Turkey

Many tutorials I see online make the process seem difficult. Rest assured, it’s not that hard. My process doesn’t involve removing the backbone, so there’s half as much cutting. It’s really easy.

Read more to learn how to make the best turkey ever.

Windows 10 Tip: Use the Tips App

A tip about tips is a little circular, but this is a good one. One overlooked feature of Windows 10 is the built-in Tips app. You can find it easily by tapping the Windows key then typing “tips”. If your browser allows it, you can also click this link to open it directly.

Thanks for reading!

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