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Who is Finster BT?

Finster BT is a technology consulting business. My name is David Finster. Working together with my wife, Gayle Finster, we have served business and individual clients since 2004, and I've worked professionally in IT since 1987. Some call me a technology expert, but I feel like a student. I scour a huge amount of tech literature every day. I look past the surface of the stories to see the real-world impact on my clients. My goal is to bridge the gap between technologists and consumers by explaining tech in plain English.

I don’t always write about technology. I have opinions and how-to articles about travel, coffee, food, and future trends. If you browse old articles on the website you may find some interesting tidbits. My favorite task is researching and problem-solving. Send your feedback and questions! It may be the subject of an upcoming article.

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